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Expedition desktop calendar 2007
You can find some of the best photos of expedition flight at desktop calendar for year 2007. Kalendar has 30 pages (15 sheats) size 30x11 cm. Each page consist of two weeks calendar including czech given names and public holidays and one photo from expedition flight with caption. All texts are at Czech and English language.
[19.11.2006] [Czech Republic]

Expedition at numbers
Expedition is approaching to final. I am sorting pictures and writing sentences just now and for next few weeks :-))) Here is few interesting numbers that describing expedition flight.
[14.09.2006] [Czech Republic]

Evening Flight to Ostrava - Mosnov
We go on home from Warsaw to Ostrava - Mosnov. I wanted to fly to Osicina in the evening, but we were a little delayed so we land with the sunset. There is a beautiful grand rainbow all over the sky over Ostrava.
[28.08.2006] [Czech Republic]

Landing in Warsaw between Two Showers
The weather is better the next day and flying home is calm and nice. On our way to Warsaw we fly around a couple of showers, but they are not very extensive, so a little divergence from the right course is sufficient. I listen to the Polish on the radio, and though I cannot speak Polish more than the phrase, "you are very pretty, Miss," I wonder at the willingness and professionalism of Polish controllers.
[27.08.2006] [Poland]

From Vilnius to Warsaw in the Second Attempt
The weather is nothing to boast of, but seen from the head Vilnius prospect it doesn`t promise so badly and so we go by bus towards the airport. The departure procedure for small aircrafts gets unpleasantly lengthy. Nobody knows what to do with us, where to put us and what we want at all. They leave us to stick half an hour here, another three quarters there. We get to the hoped-for briefing at last. I hand over the flight plan and get meteo. I want to ask about the weather on the route, but I cannot pass the language barrier.
[26.08.2006] [Lithuania]

A Wonderful World of Virtual Reality or Come to Fly with Us
I received an interesting e-mail in the very end of our expedition from a pilot flying on a flight simulator. It surprised me and made me glad at the same time. I don`t fly on the computer myself, but I have lately had the oportunity to see into the virtual cocpit at my friend`s and I must admit that I even shuddered at the reality of the flight.
[25.08.2006] [Czech Republic]

Short flights between capitals of Baltic Republics
Baltic Republics are "not at Shengen" as well as Czech Republic. That is why we have to use big international airports for entry and leaving the country. As we have to goes there we decided to visit all capitals of new European Baltic Republics.
[22.08.2006] [Latvia]

I am Curious about Former Soviet Baltic Republics
It is really a stone`s throw from Malmi to Tallinn. We get over Finnish gulf and approximate Tallin airport in 45 minutes, and that with taking pictures of the cities. The airport in Tallin is very near the centre of the city. The bus drive to the broadway takes less than 20 minutes. There is no small airport for sport aircrafts, so we have to land at the large one.
[16.08.2006] [Estonia]

Helsinki Malmi - Airport by Metropolis of General Flying
I go on to Helsinki early in the morning. The weather is nice, only it is yet quite cold at half past five in the morning, local time. The sun warms the air in the afternoon to pleasant 26 to 28 degrees, but it is some 12 degrees now. I ascend to 5000 feet and am afraid to get a little frozen up there. But the outer air temperature begin to rise immediately and it is pleasant 19 degrees in 2000 feet. The air by the ground was probably cooled by the cold Baltic sea.
[15.08.2006] [Finland]

Short Flight to Airport by Lake and Camp with Nice Swimming
It is saturday, I go on to Helsinki tomorrow and since it is pretty hot, I fly somewhere where I can spend the afternoon in relaxation near water and bathing. I had a lucky hand in choosing in the map.
[14.08.2006] [Sweden]